About Us

The KOA Owners Association's New Mission Statement

(adopted 2006-2007):

To build the KOA Owners Association into the highest quality professional association by:
  • Providing meaningful representation and interaction with koa, inc.
  • Providing information, assistance and programs to koa franchises
  • Enabling the system to be more successful, profitable and of the highest quality in the camping industry
  • Creating a strong network and support for each franchise and managing the care camps program for children, and disaster relief for members

Goals and Objectives:

  • Present and represent common concerns and problems our members are having to koa, inc.
  • Work with koa, inc. to formulate and present common policy, franchise agreement and brand issues to the system
  • Empower and work through state, provincial and regional associations to solicit member input on koa system issues, and to bring peer expertise and regional programs to individual campgrounds
  • Help children with cancer to have the opportunity to experience the joy of camping
  • Provide assistance to members in need of help through the owners disaster relief program

Why Should You Become A Member of the Owners Association:

  • Representation of koa owners to koa, inc. and others
  • Savings on property/liability insurance through outdoor insurance group
  • Knowledgeable, successful owners willing to advise and share expertise
  • Mykoa.com - sign up for free e-mail that you can forward to your isp e-mail
  • Yahoo group - sign up at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/koaowners.  get help for problems through this chat group
  • Owners association contributes to charitable programs:  care camps & disaster relief
  • Owners association channels inquiries and handles daily work of the association.
  • Call (800) 678-9967 or info@koaowners.org
  • In Canada call (888) 461-2062
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If you would like pictures of your KOA featured on this website, you can email pictures to info@koaowners.org.

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