Illinois KOA Owners Association Meeting Minutes

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October 27, 2014

Kankakee KOA

Hosts: Julie and Rob Bruno

·        Welcome and introductions 9:00AM

o   Present Sylvia Weber, Walter & Karen Freeman, Joe Long, John & Carole Downing, Glenn Klinkman, Stan Roller, and John Cuvar

·        Financial Report

o   John gave the report with the treasury currently hold just over $600.

·        Minutes of March meeting

o   Read and approved


o   Marketing Efforts

·        An inventory of the Illinois trifold brochures indicates that we are close to the end and will need to print more. It was decided to stay with the trifold as the space is needed to list all parks. Sylvia and Joe presented bids from printers and it was agreed that we use the printer Sylvia was working with. All parks checked their information and need to update with Sylvia. The printer will do new graphics for the front and back and proofs to be sent for all to see.

·        Stan requested we print only 10,000 as the cost per unit was the same for 10 or 20,000 and this will allow us to keep a current document each year.

·        Sylvia will proceed with securing the order of 10,000 by 12/15/14 so that a supply is available for the winter/spring RV shows.


§  Constant Contacts update was to be presented by Thomas but Sylvia reported that they have stopped using as there just no positive results. They feel they are getting a better return from social media and have secured services to keep their social sites up to date.

§  It was agreed that a discussion of social media and its effectiveness be discussed at the spring meeting.

§  Next discussion was on the KOA special weekends.

·        John reported on the Big Weekend explaining the change to the $10 Saturday fee and the reasons for the change. Everyone was happy to see an end to the free night and all seemed to be in support of the $10 going to Care Camps.

·        Father’s Day event seem to be a no brainer as many parks already allow kids at no charge so this event may just fill the few empty sites in the parks.

·        The VKR weekend did not seem to receive strong support as several parks opt out and others have combined other promotions into this event. Free nights are not very popular with the owners.

o   Camping Shows

§  Discussion was held concerning the four camping shows that the owners now support. As the Springfield show took place after our March meeting Stan gave a report on attendance. He was asked if the owners should still continue with that show and all agreed we need a presence in the southern part of the state and there is no show now better to replace the Springfield show. Belville is still too small and St. Louis is covered by the Missouri owners.

§  It was agreed to continue to support the Rosemont, Quad Cities and Peoria shows. Discussion was held concerning attendance at the Rockford show but it was decided that Chicago Northwest would cover that show without KOA support as they work in conjunction with a non-campground business.

§  All members were encouraged to send rack cards to the shows for distribution.

§  Rob raised a concern about the Michigan park that has worked with us at the Rosemont show. Rob indicated that the park was bringing far too many people to work in the booth. Rob said he would contact Tom to clarify the staffing needs so that the problem does not continue into this year.


  • ICA Directory

§  Currently six of the owners are members of Illinois Campground Association and ARVC. With that membership the owners are allowed to advertise in the ICA directory and again for 2015 the six parks will have a full page ad. In addition the ICA web site is being upgraded and the parks will be featured on the site. The ICA web page for several of the parks is the number one referral.

§  It was also agreed that the address be included in the ICA ad. John is to follow up to see that it is included.


·        Owners Association Items

o   Joe gave a brief update on issues that the OA has been working to include branding and Kampsight. Joe also encouraged all who will attend the convention to take advantage of the 50 year celebration of the OA and to buy their advance tickets.

·        Park Tour

o   Rob and Julie gave the group a tour of the park and a tour of the new acreage being acquired for the planned expansion. The additional 5 acres should allow for some 40 new sites. Rob was very excited to discuss the plans and get feedback from the other owners. Rob explained how they have outgrown the current park and cannot meet the needs of both the short and long term campers. The property also comes with the amenities of a house, large garage and maintenance building. The plan was to start as soon as possible in 2015. Several members of the group let Rob know that under Illinois law he is entitled to add to his park without permits provided he does not add more than 10% of his current capacity. With that in mind he is looking to do his expansion over a two or three year period.

·        Bed Bugs

o   John C and John D both presented information on bed bugs as both had dealt with the problem during the summer. The group was told about the fact that adding a pesticide, such as Nu Van, with the heat treatment, greatly enhanced the effectiveness of the heat. John D also explained the effective use of steam for both bed bugs and cleaning. John C said he had the bed bug heater and Sylvia agreed to take it with her to her park. Anyone needing the heater should contact Sylvia.

·        General discussions were held concerning the gift card program. Few of the owners have sold any gift cards several have cashed the cards. One problem that the owners have seen concerns the inability of users to use the gift cards for deposits on reservations.

·        New Kampsight on the way but few details available. Everyone was happy to know the change was coming but everyone seem to be taking a wait and see attitude as to what there might be for a final product.

·        John D brought up the issue of HUD and the re-definition of the 400 sq. ft. park model. John told the group that if they have not done so they need to fill out the template letter from KOA Inc. that should be sent to their representatives in Congress. It is important that RVs be defined as not exceeding 400 sq. feet and that the definitions not include exterior space for porches and decks.



·        Next Meetings location Springfield KOA, March 30 and 31st, 2015 and Granite City KOA October 26 and 27th, 2015

·        Thanks for attending and participating.

·        Adjourn 3:00pm


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