Heartland OA Fall Meeting Minutes

16 Oct 2014 10:38 AM | KOA Owners Association (Administrator)

The fall meeting of the Heartland Owners Association was called to order by President, Scott King at 2:00 pm on Monday, October 6, 2014 on the St. Louis West KOA campground.  Those in attendance were:

Terry & Tina Haith- Oklahoma City East

Donna Bridges- Eureka Springs

Deb & Mark Wood – WaKeeney

Barb Ballard- Stanton/Meramac (Bob Ballard attended Wed.)

Melissa Brooner & Michelle Daniel – Tulsa/Will Rogers Downs

Diane & Scott King- Springfield/Route 66

Chad & Jodie Bartelson-Wellington

Josh Bell – St. Louis West

Kevin Maust- Sallisaw/Ft. Smith West

Kim & Ralph Newell- Branson

Ralph moved and Terry seconded that we approve minutes as presented, motion passed.

Chad moved and Diane seconded that the treasurer’s report be approved as presented.  We have an ending balance of $13,696.40.  4,929.34 of that balance reserved for Disaster Relief leaving an operating balance of $8,767.06.


St Louis- Josh Bell is coordinating and has already completed paperwork, but still needs workers for the event Jan 29-Feb. 1-Heartland will reimburse expenses.   JoshBell@kampent.com

Kansas City Jan 15-18- Scott to call Charlie-Topeka KOA to see if he can coordinate again.  –Need workers for this one as well.-Heartland will reimburse expenses.

Tulsa – Tulsa/Will Rogers Downs will pay for booth but need assistance staffing this show – Dates needed  Melissa.brooner@cnent.com

Little Rock- Bob & Donna (Eureka Springs) will coordinate this February 6-8, 2015.  Donna to contact Ken or Kelly at 501-765-1423 Workers needed-Heartland will reimburse  koa4fun@gmail.com

Wichita- Jan 7-11, 2015 will be reimbursed by Heartland if Jodie can find campgrounds to staff. wkoa@kanokla.net

Franchise Advisory Committee:

Scott King reported they will meet in Spring 2015 and hadn’t met since our last meeting.  Russ French is still a BDC, but his focus has been redirected to creation of new Kampsight committee and assisting new and converting campgrounds.  However, since he’s such a great guy, Scott assured people Russ would still answer questions.  Josh & Scott said that an outside company has been hired to redesign Kampsight and hope to Beta test in Spring 2015 if all goes well.

Owner’s Association:

Diane King said the national OA was continuing to direct KOA, Inc. to pursue international marketing, will look at survey results from members at November OA meeting, Asked KOA again to look at goals and reasoning for giving away large amount of value kard points.  A non OA related item Diane mentioned is the Facebook Owner’s & Managers group.  If you are not a part of that, ask her or Jodie to have you added.  Chris from Des Moines is the manager of the group, but only adds people based on a request from a current member.


Diane emphasized that RV/Car/Boat donations are still being accepted with proceeds going to care camps.  Karen McAndrew is the executive director and doing a great job.  The certificate for our donation was passed around.  The board is looking at expenses (especially marketing) and always trying to keep them below 10%.  It was stated that you can donate to care camps through the Amazon Smile program.


Membership dues are once again due.  To receive 10% discount, you must send a check to Kim Newell by Nov. 1.  Dues are $100 for campgrounds with 5999 CN or fewer and $150 for 6000 CN and above.  Last year we had 14 out of 21 campgrounds as members.  It was suggested we reach out to non- participating members and ask them to join again.

Under old business, Josh said that he will work with Tempest to create the landing page for the Heartland OA so that we can run an AdWords campaign. 

New business it was determined we would coordinate with Workkamper Bootcamp again next year with the meeting occurring on Friday, March 27, 2015 in Branson, MO and campgrounds encouraged to come the day before or sooner to take part in workkamper interviews. Possible topics to cover would be increasing electrical needs of RVs with Diane to contact Wade about attending either the fall or spring meeting.  It was also strongly encouraged to have somebody from corporate to discuss Kampsight progress and other KOA programs as well as Campbell insurance or ARVC Jeff Simms as other possibilities for program at meetings.  Jodie will take care of these arrangements.

Kim moved and Donna seconded we donate $984 auction proceeds to Care Camps.  The motion passed. 

Elections: Nominations were taken from the floor: Jodie Bartelson, Tina Haith, Mark Wood, Scott King.  Chad moved Terry seconded nominations cease, motion passed. Diane moved and Deb seconded that we unanimously approve the slate, motion carried.      
The new board is:

Jodie Bartelson, President (term expires Fall 2016)

Josh Bell, Vice-President (term expires Fall 2015)

Tina Haith, Secretary (term expires Fall 2016)

Kim Newell, Treasurer (term expires Fall 2015)

Mark Wood, Marketing (term expires Fall 2016)

Bob McArthur (term expires Fall 2015)

Scott King, Legislative (term expires  Fall 2016)

Diane King provided a document about crisis communication planning it is hopefully attached.

Mark Wood Moved & Chad seconded that we adjourn, motion passed. A tour of the campground followed. 

Further Action Needed:
Diane King: Contact Wade(?) Electric guru about speaking at next meeting or Fall meeting.

Scott King:  contact Charlie-Topeka about coordinating  KC RV show

Josh Bell: Coordinate St Louis RV Show, continue working with Tempest on landing page

Jodie Bartelson: -Send in minutes to OA, Attendance to Inc, Contact campgrounds to see if interest in Wichita RV Show, contact Inc for speaker at Spring meeting.  Send out minutes/transfer notebook to Tina, attend or find representative to go to Convention Check Memphis email since new managers.

Donna Bridges- Coordinate Little Rock Show

Melissa Brooner- Coordinate Tulsa show

Kim Newell- Send out or notify Jodie who to send membership applications to.  Send signature card to Jodie if she needs to sign it for bank. Send Care Camp check in.

Everybody- volunteer for an RV show near you.  Send in membership dues, pay auction if didn’t at meeting. Fill out and mail in a proxy (hopefully attached) if not attending convention by Oct 25.  There is an area seat vacant. 

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