2015 Heartland OA Fall Meeting Minutes

27 Oct 2015 1:26 PM | KOA Owners Association (Administrator)

Heartland Owners Association Fall Meeting Minutes
October 19th and 20th, 2015
Kansas City East/Oak Grove KOA

Meeting called to order 11:00 AM by Jodie Bartelson, President.

Those in attendance:

  • Mary Ellen Greer, Violet and Joe Ben Stone - Kansas City East, MO (Host campground)
  • Angie Dickerson - Branson, MO
  • Paul Shepherd - St. Louis West, MO
  • Scott & Diane King, Cameron Albert - Springfield/Route 66, MO
  • Mark & Deb Wood - WaKeeney, KS
  • Chad & Jodie Bartelson - Wellington, KS
  • Linda King & Linell Knight - Tulsa NE, OK
  • Terry & Tina Haith - Oklahoma City, OK
  • Dawn Maust - Sallisaw/Ft. Smith, OK
  • Peggy Ruzicka -Checotah/Lake Eufaula, OK
  • Donna Bridges - Eureka Springs, AR
  • Rich Wardle, Quality Assurance Coordinator, KOA

Campground introductions and park updates and plans.  Diane moved and Donna seconded that we approve the minutes of the March 27th, 2015 meeting as presented, motion passed. Deb moved and Chad seconded that we approve the treasurer’s report as presented, motion passed. We have an ended balance of $14,495.95 ; with $4,929.34 of those funds reserved for disaster relief, leaving an operating balance of $9,566.61.

CARE CAMPS updates came from Diane. $1.5 million is the goal to donate to camps in 2016. They are currently looking for two new board members who might have financial and legal backgrounds. Be sure to send in your donation dollars as seasons are winding down. KOA is still matching dollar match from owners on Value Kards sold. Please be sure to flag those when reporting. Care Camp auction items can be sent even if not attending convention. Visit www.koacarecamps.org for more information. You can also buy your raffle tickets there. You do not need to be present to win. Vehicle donation has been successful. American Cancer Society has now endorsed Care Camps. 100% of donations from owners and guests are going directly to care camps.

NATIONAL OWNERS ASSOCIATION notes from Diane. Peer to Peer Committee has had some success with helping parks in distress that would like assistance. Convention Committee created to help give input regarding convention ideas, set up, speakers, seminars, etc. Diane will be running again for Area 4 Director. If you are not attending convention please be sure to get your OA proxy assigned to someone who is.

LEGISLATIVE NEWS from Scott. Be sure to review the federal ADA guidelines regarding service animals. Many are misinformed. Recent article is available on E-Kamp. Stay aware of the rules and legislations regarding the handling of sewage. Many areas, especially MO are facing some very strict rulings and changes. The concerns voiced earlier regarding HUD with cabins and the 400 square foot size to now include porches has been put on hold.

SURVEY RESULTS collected by Jodie. The results are available on a thumb drive to those who were not at the meeting. Printed copies were handed out to those in attendance. We did not review each item in detail. Please feel free to do so at your leisure.

TRADE SHOWS - It was decided to do four shows this winter. They are:

  • St. Louis - John Bell/Paul Shepherd (St Louis West KOA) coordinating. January 14-17, 2016
  • Kansas City - Joe Ben Stone (Kansas City East KOA) coordinating. January 14-17, 2016
  • Little Rock - Donna Bridges (Eureka Springs KOA) coordinating. February 6-8, 2016
  • Tulsa - Linell Knight (Tulsa NE KOA) coordinating. February 1-7, 2016

Please let these coordinators know if you or someone from your park can assist in running these show booths. Be watching for e-mail from them in the near future.


  • Cabin experiences and maintenance issues
  • Plans for 2016
  • Revenue generating and cost reduction ideas
  • Regional marketing ideas
  • Kampsight 2.0 and what that means to us for equipment and credit card processing

PRESENTATION from PAUL CROTEAU, Senior Sales Engineer from UTILITY SUPPLY GROUP, 800-800-2811

National Electric Code is on a three year cycle. Next code book will be published in 2017. 100 amp service is not likely to be in 2017 NEC. Be sure to set up a maintenance program and schedule for the park pedestals and wiring. Breakers should not be on when pedestals are not in use. Hand outs with tips and pointers on safety, maintenance, highlights from NFPA and NEC and a Utility Supply Group catalog were distributed to those present. Visit www.go-usg.com for additional information, questions.

PRESENTATION from RICH WARDLE, Quality Assurance Coordinator from KOA.

System average for NPS score this year was 57.79. 149 parks received a 70+ NPS score. This year there were 326 park visits and 157 opt outs. Nancy and Larry Babyak, who are former owners of a KOA in Maine will be joining the Quality Assurance Team this year. A few spots are still available at convention for the Kampsight 2.0 training. You will need to bring your own computer. A new partnership is coming out with KOA and Home Depot for discount buying on products. The details should be presented at convention regarding this program.

OLD BUSINESS - Decided to not pursue the Heartland landing page at this time. Dues motion made at the spring meeting needs to be made at the fall meeting to be in accordance with our by-laws.

NEW BUSINESS - Marketing CO-OP proposal. Synopsis or intent of proposal: Any advertising promoting the individual KOA or KOA in general; Newspaper ads, Facebook ads, Google ads, etc or logo merchandise given out for advertising purposes. Chad motioned/Diane seconded. Motion amended by Chad/seconded by Scott:  Heartland KOA will provide a one-time reimbursement up to $250 of 50/50 co-op advertising dollars to all campgrounds whose dues have been paid by December 31, 2015. Any advertising promoting the individual KOA or KOA in general:  newspaper ads, Facebook ads, Google ads, etc or logo merchandise for advertising purposes. Receipts should be submitted to the Heartland Owners Association Treasurer for reimbursement. Motion carries.

Donna motions to rescind dues for 2016. No second, motion dies. Chad motions/Donna seconds: Dues for the Heartland Owners Association shall be $50.00 effective 11/1/2015 for the 2016 membership year. Motion carries.

*Action Item: Secretary to mail a dues sheet, brief explanation of advertising benefit and date and location of fall meeting to all campgrounds in the Heartland area. Treasurer to follow up in December.

Donna motioned/Mark seconded that total proceeds from auction go to Care Camps $855.00. Motion carries. Diane motioned/Deb seconded that the $26.00 cost of Survey Monkey be refunded to Jodie. Motion carries. Deb motioned/Diane seconded that all reasonable documented travel expenses for President of the Heartland Owners Association to attend the 2015 KOA convention shall be reimbursed. Motion carries. It was decided to do away with the fund raising auction for 2016. Diane motioned/Mark seconded that we have no spring meeting in 2016. Motion carries.

FALL 2016 MEETING will be held in Wakeeney, KS on October 24 and 25, 2016.

ELECTIONS OF BOARD MEMBERS: Nominations opened. Donna Bridges, Joe Stone and Josh Bell were the nominees. Diane moved/Chad seconded that the slate of nominees be accepted. Motion carries.

Joe motioned/Tina seconded that meeting be adjourned.

Board Members: Jodie - President, Joe - Vice President, Donna - Treasurer , Tina - Secretary, Mark, Scott, and Josh

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