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18 Mar 2016 1:50 PM | KOA Owners Association (Administrator)

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MRV Connect will enable RV Travelers to Share and Catalog Road Life

Plantation, FL - (March 15, 2016) SEPI Marketing announces the release of MRV Connect in Beta. The Beta site is configured as a form of social media for RV Travelers which enables their users to catalog their journey, share content within their network and view their friends travels and experiences via reviews.

SEPI Marketing, a promoter of outdoor recreation, owns Southeast Publications, and their mobile app,  MobileRVing 2.0. MRV Connect is expected to expand SEPI Marketing’s viewership which will also increase their digital advertising real estate and benefits to RV Resorts and Campgrounds that partner with Southeast Publications. Some of these benefits include enabling their Preferred Properties to be served up to user’s newsfeeds based on their current location.

MRV Connect will also be serving up local business deals to users based on their current check-in, an added benefit for the over 17,000 advertisers Southeast Publications acquires every year. Brian McGuinn, Director of Business Development states, “Right now our advertisers, and partner resorts, are realizing the power our media brings. We have numerous reports from both existing and new customers that new guests are either finding their resort through our Mobile App or the website. Our advertisers are not only buying our print at a record rate, but now they are buying our digital space which is growing in demand.”

SEPI Marketing intends to receive feedback from their users but MRV Connect is still undergoing rigorous testing internally during the Beta phase. When asked if he feels MRV Connect is ready, CEO of SEPI Marketing Wally Warrick states, “Technology is going to be changing at a much faster clip, our goal as an organization is to remain on top of it, refine our internal processes so that we may harness its full potential. So, if you are asking me if I think its 100%, I would be complacent if I said yes. Our platforms will constantly improve, our projects will never be fully done and new platforms are in fact being developed as we speak.”

Carlene Morris, Vice President of SEPI Marketing states, “Really our goal is not to force content down people’s throats. We want our platforms to be something that is not only known, but produces value to users and promotes an industry that I’ve loved for over 3 decades.” SEPI Marketing is no stranger to criticisms and according to statements within the company, they are actually very thankful for honest feedback. They make it a point to have a forms within all of their platforms so that their users can have a voice. Carlene further states, “When it came to, we had loads of criticisms but it was that type of feedback that made us where we are now.”

SEPI Marketing plans to continue visiting consumer RV Shows to promote their MobileRVing community and partner publications.  They will be releasing a full campaign to promote MRV Connect once the platform has moved out of its beta phase.


Since 1986, Southeast Publications, a division of SEPI Marketing, has been the leader in the guest guide industry, servicing approximately 1,491 accounts in 2015 and over 17,000 small businesses. Southeast Publications has the Largest Sales force which traverse throughout the United States and Canada. Beyond providing superior printed materials, Southeast Publications has expanded into comprehensive digital offerings such as, now with over 90,000 visitors monthly.  Some other products produced by Southeast Publications include Web Design, SEO, Commercial Print, Promotional Products, and Graphic Design work. For more information about Southeast Publications, contact Brian McGuinn, Business Development Director, at Southeast Publications at (800) 832-3292 or via email at

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