Bed Bugs Webinar January 25, 2017

11 Jan 2017 12:10 PM | KOA Owners Association (Administrator)

HUD Bed Bug Guidelines

With bed bug infestations being a serious problem throughout the country, it’s imperative to know about the best practices regarding the prevention and control of this widespread problem.  Because HUD has released two notices and much written information on this issue, you need to make certain that you are carrying out all of HUD’s requirements. In accordance with project Regulatory Agreements and Section 8 HAP Contracts, a housing area must have no evidence of infestation, and HUD will monitor O/A’s to ensure this is a reality.

Industry veteran Debbie Hixon will shed light on HUD’s take on bed bug infestation in a 60-minute webinar "What Does HUD Say About Bed Bugs <> " on Wed, January 25, 2017 (available all day), where she will cover the following topics:

·         What is the guidance on the rights and responsibilities of HUD and Owners and Management Agents?

·         What is the guidance on the rights and responsibilities of tenant?

·         Learn whether the information only apply to bed bug infestations

·         What is an IPM?

·         Copy of What’s Working for Bed Bug Control in Multifamily Housing

Who should attend: All HUD-insured or assisted housing staff


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