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12 Apr 2017 12:49 PM | KOA Owners Association (Administrator)

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The Adventure Alert

April 2017

There’s still time to plan for the upcoming season hot weather with SplashGolf…cool down with an interactive water environment; or plan your traditional miniature golf for this season…the timeless game for all ages. 


What is your business doing to attract and retain guests, or enhance your business or venue?

If you are looking for innovative ideas AGS can help.  Contact us today to explore how you can enhance your existing or future project

Recent Project

Tropical Breeze Fun Park, Cape Coral, FL

The Business of Mini Golf

Creating More Profit with a Miniature Golf Renovation 

Part III

Continued from our March Adventure Alert...

What Capital Investment Can I Afford?

“How much will this cost?” is the first question, each Owner asks.
“How much of an increase in your profit, do you wish to achieve?” is our company response.

The bottom line is that to increase sales and profit the owner needs to determine what must be done and what could be done with the course and budget accordingly. 
Operating costs vary for a variety of reasons:  

  • Some owners have a large salary and others have none
  • Some courses have a utility vehicle in the overhead
  • Some courses have the ball and putter distribution done by another sales desk unrelated to miniature golf
  • Some owners place a premium on having excellent maintenance which costs more.

Variables & Sensitivity
Any miniature golf operator should be aware that there are variables that will impact the plan including

  • Weather
  • Higher operating costs
  • Lower than expected attendance

The knowledge that these variables may occur will help the owner provide a hedge on his or her bet.  The owner might make several financial analyses to show low, medium and high potential sales levels.  Then, use the highest potential operating costs against each sale’s forecast.  This Sensitivity Analysis enables the owner to adjust sales and operating costs that he or she believes are probable and then compute the potential capital investment to be made.

Starting the Renovation Process

Now if you are ready to consider a renovation or would like additional information on how doing so can help to expedite sales and increase your bottom line, please go to the AGS Contact Form at and fill out the information and email to our company.  Or call us at 231-922-8166.   

In The News

Education Through Mini Golf

In a series of articles about the scientific applications of miniature golf, the second article  discusses two different ways Mini Golf was used as a learning tool.  

First, children participated in a two week robotics program where the goal was to design robots that could play miniature golf. 

In another application, students at Salem State University designed a course with the goal of creating healthy conversations about current events. Each hole represents a political issue and offers an opportunity for the student designers as well as the people who play the course to think about what the topics mean to them and to consider other perspectives on those issues.

SplashGolf™ - The New WOW Factor

Taking the players and the game itself into an interactive water environment...

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