Membership in the KOA Owners Association

The Owners Association Board of Directors represent all KOA OWNERS. If you have issues or questions, we are here for you.

We offer the following:

  • You are an owner and part of a franchise.  Your membership keeps you engaged and enables you to have a voice as a partner.
  • When the members speak in numbers the franchisor must listen as it effects their work of a franchise.
  • Tap into fellow owners' knowledge
  • Savings on your property/liability insurance through the KOA OA Preferred Property and Casualty Insurance Program
  • Loan Development program offered by Prairie Kraft Specialties and Independence Bank
  • Owners News Publications - four issues per year
  • Permanent e-mail address on
  • Disaster Relief Program for members only in case of major or minor disasters at your campground
  • Liability insurance for RV show
  • Mentoring Program (see information under Resources)

Regular Members: Any owner of a campground franchise granted by KOA, its affiliates or subsidiaries, whose campground has not yet been opened for business is eligible for regular membership in this Association.

Payment: Dues will be payable on the first day of January of each fiscal year. (A Regular Member will be considered delinquent in payment of dues as of July 1; the membership will terminate automatically and he/she will no longer be entitled to participate in the affairs of the Association.)

Dues Amount: There will be no annual fee for any new owner or new franchise in the KOA system. Subsequent renewal rates are calculated at $0.025 per camper night, from a minimum of $50 to a maximum of $550.

Regular Members:

Download a PDF membership application

Associate Members:
Any person, firm or corporation serving KOA, its affiliates or subsidiaries is eligible for associate membership in this Association provided the applicant is approved for membership by the Board of Directors.

Payment: Dues will be payable on the first day of January of each fiscal year. The ad rate scale will be set by the first of the year.

Dues Amount: The Associate dues will be $250.00 for the years membership.
Ad Rates in Owners News (4 publications) are separate costs:
1/4 page ad is $650
1/2 page ad is $750
full page ad is $950
A Banner ad on the OA home page is $800

Associate Members:

Associate Membership Dues Form


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New members please email or call 800-678-9976 for a registration form.

Returning members can mail their dues to:

KOA Kampground Owners Association
3416 Primm Lane
Birmingham, AL 35216

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